1. Course title: Bachelor of Technology Program in Metrology and Quality System
2. Degree title: Bachelor of Technology (Metrology and Quality System) B.Tech. (Metrology and Quality System)
3. Faculty: Industrial Technology
4. Course objectives: To produce graduates who
           4.1 Have both theoretical and practical knowledge of metrology and quality systems and are able to use the knowledge for personal development as well as development of the country.
           4.2 Think systematically, have a moral and ethical outlook, are disciplined, punctual, honest, diligent, are committed to promoting arts and culture, are committed to the profession, are responsible and are public-spirited.
           4.3 Have the ability to integrate knowledge in quality systems and new technology for their professional self-development.
5. Curriculum:
           5.1 Total credits: Not fewer than 141 credits in total.
           5.2 The curriculum is separated into the following subjects:
                      5.2.1 General courses totaling not fewer than credits 30 and comprised of
                        Languages and communication studies                       12-15 credits
                        Humanities                                                                        3-9 credits
                        Social studies                                                                    3-9 credits
                        Mathematics, sciences and technology                           6-9 credits
                      5.2.2 Major-specific courses totaling not fewer than 105 credits comprised of
                        Core courses Not less than                                              98 credits
                                            (a) Compulsory courses                                                     80 credits
                                            (b) Optional courses                                                          18 credits
                        Training and work experience                                          7 credits
                      5.2.3 Optional modules totaling not fewer than                                      6 credits

6. Careers after Graduation
           6.1 Career in metrology and quality systems
                      - Technician performing metrology work or working in laboratories
                      - Technician overseeing quality systems
                      - ISO technician
                      - Service officer working with measurement tools
                      - Operator overseeing laboratory quality systems
6.2 Researcher