1. Course title: Bachelor of Accountancy Program in Accounting
    2. Degree title: Bachelor of Accountancy B.Acc.
    3. Faculty: Management Sciences
    4. Course objectives: To produce graduates who
      1. Are knowledgeable and capable in accountancy and are able to use this knowledge appropriately in building a career in conjunction with the needs of society.
      2. Are knowledgeable about business systems, the economy and society and are able to apply this knowledge to their work and in making business decisions.
      3. Understand developments in technology regarding accounting and can apply this to their work.
      4. Have a positive outlook on their profession and have a moral and ethical approach to building a career.
      5. Understand and follow the Self-Sufficiency Theory.
    5. Curriculum:
      1. Total credits: Not fewer than 124 credits in total.
      2. The curriculum is separated into the following subjects:
        1. General courses totaling not fewer than credits 30 and comprised of
          1. Languages and communication studies                          12-15 credits
          2. Humanities                                                                           3-9 credits
          3. Social studies                                                                       3-9 credits
          4. Mathematics, sciences and technology                           6-9 credits
        2. Major-specific courses totaling not fewer than 88 credits comprised of
          1. Core courses                                                                      33 credits
          2. Specialist courses                                    Not fewer than 48 credits
            1. Compulsory courses                                                   42 credits
            2. Optional courses                                 Not fewer than 6 credits
          3. Training and work experience                                            7 credits
        3. Optional modules totaling not fewer than 6 credits
    6. Careers after Graduation
      1. Accountant
      2. Book keeper
      3. Internal auditor
      4. Revenue officer
      5. Officer in the office of the auditor general of Thailand
      6. Tax auditor
      7. Public accountant
      8. Self-employed
      9. Other careers which rely on expertise in accountancy and taxation