The computer center was established as a division of the University with responsibility for supporting education and developing students' IT skills. Located in building 39, the center provides facilities for information retrieval using the internet and for developing students' programing skills. It is also home to the e-bidding system, GFMIS information, teacher-training for IT and training for those in other organizations. There are 300 computers available for research and accessing the internet, 100 machines for training, 10 machines for office use, 10 for student information, and 36 for the e-bidding system. The building has a total of 36 rooms. The work of the center is split into 4 areas.

    • Maintenance and repair
    • Networking
    • Software development
    • Services and training

The center staff comprise 2 teachers and 7 officers. These staff are responsible for maintaining, repairing and developing the University's computer network.

The network operates at 10 Gbps and 26 Mbps externally and provides a central part of the University’s administrative infrastructure. Analysis, design and development of the software began in 2003 and continues at present; developments include systems for managing budgets, personnel, finance, inventory, academic services, sending and receiving ebooks, and management information systems,


To be a university committed to local and social development.


To be the leading IT and communication center in the province.

Mission statement

1. To provide computer services to students, teachers and other employees of the University.

2. To provide training to students, teachers, other employees of the University and the local community.

3. To develop IT services and products to assist with the running of the University.

4. To become the leading IT research center in the province.

Contact details

The Computer Center, Lampang Rajabhat University, 119/5 Tambon Chompoo, Amphur Muang, Lampang 52100
Tel. 054 241022, 054 237399 ext. 6000