To be a university for the development of the community.

University vision

      To be a leading university in the North of Thailand, producing graduates and providing academic services to develop the economy, society and the arts and culture of the region.

Mission statement

      Lampang Rajabhat University‚Äôs mission statement follows the eight points of the 2004 Rajabhat Universities Act.

     1. To become a center of academic excellence and to build this on a basis of truth, and local, national and international wisdom.

    2. To produce graduates who have both knowledge and ethics and an awareness of being Thai, who are connected to the local community, helping it to understand changes in society, and who promote life-long learning. The quantity and quality of graduates should match the national plans.

     3. To promote understanding and appreciation of, and pride in, the value of local and national culture.

     4. To develop the abilities of community leaders, religious figures and local politicians such that they are conscious of the values of democracy and ethics and are more able to administer community development for the benefit of all.

   5. To develop the training and development of teachers and others involved in education so that they meet the highest professional standards.

    6. To support and assist cooperation between the University and the community, local organizations and other stakeholders both domestic and international involved in community development.

    7. To research and develop both local and high technologies appropriate for supporting the life and work of local people for the purposes of promoting the sustainable, long-term management, maintenance and exploitation of natural resources and the environment.

   8. To research, promote, support and integrate into University life the Royal projects and philosophy for the development of the local community.