1. Course title: Bachelor of Science Program in Software Engineering
2. Degree title: Bachelor of Science (Software Engineering) B.Sc. (Software Engineering)
3. Faculty: Industrial Technology
4. Course objectives: To produce graduates who
         4.1 Have the ability to develop high quality software which meets users’ needs efficiently.
         4.2 Can solve software problems and work well as team members.
         4.3 Have a positive attitude towards a career in software engineering and are able to see the value of intellectual resources.
         4.4 Have an ethical and public-spirited outlook.
5. Curriculum:
         5.1 Total credits: Not fewer than 124 credits in total.
         5.2 The curriculum is separated into the following subjects:
                  5.2.1 General courses totaling not fewer than credits 30 and comprised of
                  Languages and communication studies                                  12-15 credits
                  Humanities                                                                                    3-9 credits
                  Social studies                                                                                3-9 credits
                  Mathematics, sciences and technology                                       6-9 credits
                  5.2.2 Major-specific courses totaling not fewer than 88 credits comprised of
                  Core courses                                                                                   9 credits
                  Technical courses                                                                        57 credits
                                    Organization and IT systems                                    9 credits
                                    Applied technology                                                   9 credits
                                    Technology and software methods                       30 credits
                                    Basic system structures                                            6 credits
                                    Hardware and computer architecture                     3 credits
                  Optional courses                                                                         15 credits
                  Training and work experience                                                      7 credits
                  5.2.3 Optional modules totaling not fewer than                                                6 credits
6. Careers after Graduation
         6.1 Programmer
         6.2 Systems analyst and designer
         6.3 Software quality assurance officer
         6.4 Software tester
         6.5 Systems integrator
         6.6 Software project manager