1. Course title: Bachelor of Education Program in Physics
2. Degree title: Bachelor of Education (Physics) B.Ed. (Physics)
3. Faculty: Faculty of Science
4. Course objectives: To produce graduates who
          4.1 Have a moral and ethical outlook and are committed to a career teaching physics.
          4.2 Have a broad and deep knowledge and understanding of physics and are able to use this in teaching.
          4.3 Have the ability to analyze, evaluate and combine ideas in an intelligent and critical way; and have the ability to solve problems found in study, work and society and present solutions to these.
          4.4 Have an aptitude for building productive relationships between teachers and learners and use this responsibly in the learning process.
          4.5 Have the skills to manage scientific information; and have the ability to use technology to research and build new bodies of knowledge and to follow developments in a range of subjects for the purposes of developing themselves and their professional skills.
          4.6 Have skills in managing the learning of physics and are able to integrate efficiently a wide variety of teaching techniques to contribute to the sustainable development of the community.
5. Curriculum:
          5.1 Total credits: Not fewer than 166 credits in total.
          5.2 The curriculum is separated into the following subjects:
                    5.2.1 General education totaling not fewer than credits 30 and comprised of
                     Languages and communication studies                                   12-15 credits
                     Humanities                                                                                   3-9 credits
                     Social studies                                                                               3-9 credits
                     Mathematics, sciences and technology                                      6-9 credits
                    5.2.2 Specialist education totaling not fewer than 130 credits comprised of
                     Professional training                                                                     52 credits
                               Compulsory modules                                                        33 credits
                               Optional modules Not fewer than                                     5 credits
                               Practical modules                                                             14 credits
                     Core modules in physics totaling not fewer than 78 credits and comprised of
                               Compulsory modules                                                    62 credits
                               Optional core modules Not fewer than                         6 credits
                               Teaching                                                                             6 credits
                               Additional core modules Not fewer than                         4 credits
                    5.2.3 Optional modules totaling not fewer than                                                 6 credits
6. Careers after Graduation
          6.2 Teacher (physics)
          6.3 Researcher or technician (physics)
          6.4 Researcher or officer (education)