1. Course title: Bachelor of Education in Early Childhood Education
2. Degree title: Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) B.Ed. (Early Childhood Education)
3. Faculty: Faculty of Education
4. Course objectives: To produce graduates who
        4.1 Have knowledge and ability in teaching which meets the standards set by The Teachers Council of Thailand; have a         positive attitude towards their career; and have an ethical and virtuous attitude towards building a successful career in early         childhood education.
        4.2 Have a generous and open nature; have expertise in knowledge management of early childhood education, with regard  to both pupils and colleagues.
        4.3 Have ability in teaching sufficient to qualify for further study and to carry out research in early childhood education.
        4.4 Have knowledge and awareness of national educational reforms which focus on learner-centered education and in how and why to involve the community as a knowledge-base in developing learners’ abilities.
        4.5 Have the skills to exploit educational technology and innovation and use this appropriately in early childhood education.
    4.6 Have both theoretical and practical ability in the running of kindergartens, primary schools or other environments suitable for young learners and in working with families, the community and other stakeholders in early childhood education.
5. Curriculum
           5.1 Total credits: Not fewer than 166 credits in total
           5.2 Curriculum: The curriculum is separated into the following subjects:
                   5.2.1 General education totaling not fewer than 30 credits and comprised of
                   Languages and communication studies                   12-15 credits
                   Humanities                                                                  3-9 credits
                   Social studies                                                              3-9 credits
                   Mathematics, sciences and technology                     6-9 credits
                  5.2.2 Specialist education totaling not fewer than 130 credits comprised of
                   Professional training totaling not fewer than 52 credits and comprised of
                          Compulsory modules                                       33 credits
                          Optional modules Not fewer than                    5 credits
                          Practical modules                                            14 credits
                   Core modules in the major totaling not fewer than 78 credits and comprised of
                          Core modules                                                  68 credits
                          Obligatory core modules                             54 credits
                           Optional core modules                               14 credits
                          Teaching                                                     6 credits
                          Additional modules Not fewer than          4 credits
                  5.2.3 Optional modules totaling not fewer than                             6 credits

6. Careers after Graduation
           6.1 Primary school teacher
           6.2 Head of child-development center
           6.3 Specialist in early childhood education
           6.4 Researcher (early childhood education)
           6.5 IT developer (early childhood education)
           6.6 Event and activities organizer (young children)