1. Course title: Bachelor of Arts Program in Tourism
2. Degree title: Bachelor of Arts (Tourism) B.A. (Tourism)
3. Faculty: Management Science
4. Course objectives: To produce graduates who
         4.1 Have a moral and ethical outlook and are public-spirited, and act responsibly towards the community and wider society.
         4.2 Have theoretical and practical knowledge of the tourism industry and hospitality, are service-minded and have capability in management with the same professional standards as those in other regions.
         4.3 Are skilled in situational analysis, are able to apply their knowledge and reasoning when dealing with different situations.
         4.4 Are able to work well with people from all levels of society and are able to develop themselves professionally and morally.
         4.5 Have knowledge, ability, and skill in information technology, English, other foreign languages and in cross-cultural communication.
         4.6 Have ability in using mathematics to process and analyze data to plan, manage and develop business activities.
5. Curriculum:
         5.1 Total credits: Not fewer than 127 credits in total.
         5.2 The curriculum is separated into the following subjects:
                  5.2.1 General courses totaling not fewer than 30 credits and comprised of
                  Languages and communication studies                                    12-15 credits
                  Humanities                                                                                    3-9 credits
                  Social studies                                                                                3-9 credits
                  Mathematics, sciences and technology                                       6-9 credits
                  5.2.2 Major-specific courses totaling not fewer than 84 credits comprised of
                  Professional training totaling not fewer than                             24 credits
                  Compulsory courses
                                    (a) Compulsory courses                                                                   30 credits
                                    (b) Optional courses totaling not fewer than 30 credits and comprised of
                                             -Subject of special interest totaling not fewer than            15 credits
                                             -Foreign languages for career totaling not fewer than       15 credits
                  5.2.3 Training and work experience                                                                 7 credits
                  Training and work experience
                  Co-operative education training
                  5.2.4 Optional modules totaling not fewer than                                             6 credits

6. Careers after Graduation
         6.1 Tour guide
         6.2 Travel agent
         6.3 Government officer in the tourism sector
         6.4 Entrepreneur in tourism or the hotel industry
         6.5 Tourism development officer and tourism management officer
         6.6 Tourism information officer
         6.7 Reservation and ticketing officer
         6.8 Special activities officer