1. Course title: Bachelor of Arts Program in Thai
2. Degree title: Bachelor of Arts (Thai) B.A. (Thai)
3. Faculty: Humanities and Social Science
4. Course objectives: To produce graduates who
         4.1 Have vocational and academic knowledge of the Thai language.
         4.2 Can integrate their knowledge and skill In Thai, local wisdom and communications technologies in developing themselves and their career and in keeping current with developments in society.
         4.3 Have a positive attitude towards their nation and their culture, take pride in being Thai and can work well with people from all levels of society.
5. Curriculum:
         5.1 Total credits: Not fewer than 124 credits in total.
         5.2 The curriculum is separated into the following subjects:
                  5.2.1 General courses totaling not fewer than credits 30 and comprised of
                  Languages and communication studies                  12-15 credits
                  Humanities                                                                   3-9 credits
                  Social studies                                                               3-9 credits
                  Mathematics, sciences and technology                      6-9 credits
                  5.2.2 Major-specific courses totaling not fewer than 88 credits comprised of
                  Content courses Not fewer than                                81 credits
                           Compulsory courses                                       60 credits
                           Optional courses                                            21 credits
                           Training and work experience                          7 credits
                  5.2.3 Optional modules totaling not fewer than                            6 credits
6. Careers after Graduation
         6.1 Officer in an area involving communication in Thai e.g. public relations, journalism, editing and proofreading
         6.2 Education officer in an organization working with Thai language and literature
         6.3 Self-employed e.g. interpreter, guide, author or translator
         6.4 Government official e.g. administrative officer
         6.5 Officer in a private enterprise, e.g. secretary