1. Course title: Bachelor of Arts Program in Communication Arts
2. Degree title: Bachelor of Arts (Communication Arts) B.A. (Communication Arts)
3. Faculty: Management Science
4. Course objectives: To produce graduates who
          4.1 Have a moral and ethical outlook and apply this to their work.
      4.2 Have theoretical knowledge of the communication arts and can analyze and integrate knowledge of communication arts and the economy, society and culture.
          4.3 Are skilled in using professional communication processes when communicating with individuals, groups and the mass media and are able to do this appropriately for the context.
          4.4 Are public-spirited, and act responsibly towards the community and wider society.
5. Curriculum:
          5.1 Total credits: Not fewer than 124 credits in total.
          5.2 The curriculum is separated into the following subjects:
                    5.2.1 General courses totaling not fewer than credits 30 and comprised of
                     Languages and communication studies                     12-15 credits
                     Humanities                                                                    3-9 credits
                     Social studies                                                                3-9 credits
                     Mathematics, sciences and technology                       6-9 credits
                    5.2.2 Major-specific courses totaling not fewer than 81 credits comprised of
                     Content courses 74 credits
                               Compulsory courses                                        66 credits
                               Optional courses                                             15 credits
                    5.2.3 Training and work experience                                                    7 credits
                    5.2.4 Optional modules totaling not fewer than                                6 credits
6. Careers after Graduation
        6.1 Public relations or planning in the government, or state owned or private industry
        6.2 Advertising, e.g. creative, copy writer, planner in the government, or state owned or private industry
        6.3 Television and radio (broadcasting), e.g. producer, manager, presenter, MC, reporter, writer, cameraman or editor
        6.4 Journalist, reporter or editor at a newspaper, press or publisher
        6.5 Marketing executive, researcher, analyst or planner
        6.6 Events organizer
       6.7 Businessperson or freelancer, e.g. designer, website developer, researcher in communications and advertising, or special events organizer.